As cuts in public services continue, there are increasing opportunities for community-minded individuals and groups to contribute towards the welfare of our local area.

Community Information

Litter Picking – Individual Volunteers

This is a scheme run by NWLDC and supported by the Parish Council. Would you like to help keep Whitwick tidy? If so please contact Customer Services at the District Council for details – just call 01530 454545

Litter Picking – Community Events

Occasionally, the Parish Council will organise community litter picks where a group of like-minded individuals can come together to ‘blitz’ an area. If you would like to register an interest in taking part in future events, please contact the Parish Manager with your name, address and email address.

Tree Wardens

The Leicestershire County Council Stepping Stones project is looking to recruit new Tree Wardens to parishes across the county. Tree Wardens are appointed by local parish councils to coordinate local tree based environmental projects.

Volunteering as a Tree Warden is a great opportunity for people to play a part in conserving and enhancing local trees and woodlands. The scheme is open to all adults and there is no minimum skill level or time commitment required. Tree Wardens carry out a range of activities, from setting up tree nurseries and growing trees, to surveying and recording trees of local interest and organising awareness events for schools and communities. There are a range of training opportunities for Tree Wardens and the role is ideal for people who want to learn more about nature and are passionate about local woodlands.

More information about the Tree Warden scheme can be found here.

To find out how to sign up as a volunteer please contact steppingstones@leics.gov.uk or 0116 305 7221.

Heritage Wardens

Interested in preserving our historic past? Heritage Wardens have access to:

  • training and information sessions organised by the Historic & Natural Environment Team
  • biannual Branchline magazine informing them of current surveys, relevant training courses and opportunities for funding
  • the opportunity to borrow field and display equipment
  • records about their parish held in the Leicestershire and Rutland Environmental Records Centre at County Hall
  • Historic Environment information including maps, events and report from the Historic Environment Record (HER)
  • email updates about events and activities across the County
  • invitations to an annual Heritage Conference

Heritage Wardens in Action provides information on the type of projects and activities that Heritage Wardens have been involved in. All Heritage Wardens have to be approved by their Parish Councis. Once this has happened, you will be appointed as a Heritage Warden and sent an introduction pack. If you are interested in becoming a Heritage Warden please contact the Heritage Support Officer at County Hall on 0116 3056187 or email wildlife@leics.gov.uk.

Whitwick Environment Working Group

The Parish Council recognises that day-to-day operations can impact both directly and indirectly on the environment.  We aim to protect and improve the environment through good management.

If you want to put the ‘think global act local’ message into practice, the Parish Council is welcoming practical ideas from local residents to make a difference.  Small steps can make things better so let’s all look at how we could become more eco-friendly here on our own doorsteps.

Please contact the Parish Manager if interested.

Community Volunteering

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