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The parish council has the power to provide local facilities such as seats, shelters, speed signs, litter bins and grit bins.  Some locations are more suitable than others and strict conditions apply if the land is owned by the County Council – a lengthy application process has to be undertaken, with consultation by the Parish Council and local searches for underground utilities, before a licence is potentially offered to us for a fee.

Any requests for new or replacement facilities should be made to the Community Office.


Parish Council benches are located at Hermitage Road and in some playgrounds.  Two new benches installed in Whitwick Park in 2020.

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Benches have been bought for Loughborough Road (near the junction with Swannymote Road) and Hall Lane (near the path to Perran Avenue).  A memorial bench has been kindly donated to replace an existing bench by the Whitwick Wheel.

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LCC bench City of Dan


Whitwick Parish Council installed a flagpole on land that it owns near the City of Dan in 2020.  A flag is flown every day, according to the flag flying policy that is reviewed each year.  A parish council flag flies on important dates in our own parish calendar.  Please see the Policies page of this website for further details.

Parish Flag Flying

Council Land & Property

Whitwick Park is a King Georges Field charity.

The following recreation grounds, play areas, open spaces and amenity areas were also transferred from the ownership of NWLDC to the Parish Council in 2014:

Ashford Road

Ashford Road Council Land
Ashford Road To Stinson Way Council Land

Briers Way/Stinson Way

Briers Way 1 Council Land
Briers Way 2 Council Land

Car Hill Rock, Gracedieu Road

Rock Piece Gracedieu Road 5 Council Land

City of Dan

City Of Dan 1 Council Land
City Of Dan 2 Council Land

Hermitage Road/Green Lane

Hermitage Road Green Lane 1 Council Land

Hilary Crescent

Hilary Crescent 1 Council Land

Holly Hayes Road/Rosslyn Road

Holly Hayes Road 3 Council Land
Rosslyn Road Council Land

Loughborough Road/Cademan Street

Loughborough Road Cademan Street Council Land

North Street

North Street Council Land

Thomas Road

Thomas Road 1 Council Land

Thornborough Road

The following sites have been transferred into parish ownership by the developers:

Briers Way (Crest Homes)

Briers Way 3 Council Land
Briers Way 4 Council Land

Howe Road (Wilcon Homes)

Howe Road Council Land

The Elms (RJH Construction)

The Elms Council Land