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Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS)

In 2021 the Parish Council installed the long awaited VAS equipment for the first time.  Councillors Barker, Moult and Woodward, supported by local resident Andy Dyke, had worked for on the Community Speedwatch scheme in 2017.  Since then they tirelessly campaigned and worked to get the necessary permissions from the County Council to operate two mobile signs in 5 different locations around the village.  A plan is in place to move the signs every 4-5 weeks and the data that is collected is shared on the parish council website (News Page) each month and reported to the parish council.

The signs are usually placed to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic on opposite sides of the road.  The locations we are allowed to use are Hall Lane, Leicester Road, Loughborough Road, Talbot Street and Thornborough Road.  The Parish Council is grateful to residents who gave their support to this scheme.

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