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Whitwick Park 

Whitwick Park is a King Georges Field charity. Part of this charitable land was transferred to Parsonwood Hill Recreation Ground to enable part of the site to be used for a building and in 2014 Park Hall was refurbished as a community venue by the Parish Council.  The Parish Council has also invested in the park to improve facilities and successfully applied for grant funding to help with this.  We do ask that litter is put in bins (including bagged dog waste which can be deposited in any litter bin).

Opening Times: 8 am every day (except Christmas Day).

Closing Time (varies according to dusk) :

3.30 pm   January/February
5.30 pm    March
7.30 pm    April
8.30 pm    May, June, July, August
7.30 pm    September
5.30 pm    October
3.30 pm    November/December

Facilities include: Tennis Courts (free), Bowling Green (free but some restricted opening), Playground, Skate Park, Adult and Junior Keep Fit equipment, Public toilets,  Benches, car park for visitors (free).  Also textile recycling bank by car park (for Air Ambulance Charity).

Asset Register

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Asset Register to 31 March 2022 (PDF) 261kb

Landholdings (see all land here).  Draft byelaws are awaiting adoption – please see Policies page for further details

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See Allotments for details of the two sites that the Parish Council operate.

There are also private allotments at Loughborough Road, Whitwick which are not the responsibility of the Parish Council.

Council Land & Property

Whitwick Park is a King Georges Field charity.

The following recreation grounds, play areas, open spaces and amenity areas were also transferred from the ownership of NWLDC to the Parish Council in 2014:

Ashford Road

Ashford Road Council Land
Ashford Road To Stinson Way Council Land

Briers Way/Stinson Way

Briers Way 1 Council Land
Briers Way 2 Council Land

Car Hill Rock, Gracedieu Road

Rock Piece Gracedieu Road 5 Council Land

City of Dan

City Of Dan 1 Council Land
City Of Dan 2 Council Land

Hermitage Road/Green Lane

Hermitage Road Green Lane 1 Council Land

Hilary Crescent

Hilary Crescent 1 Council Land

Holly Hayes Road/Rosslyn Road

Holly Hayes Road 3 Council Land
Rosslyn Road Council Land

Loughborough Road/Cademan Street

Loughborough Road Cademan Street Council Land

North Street

North Street Council Land

Thomas Road

Thomas Road 1 Council Land

Thornborough Road

The following sites have been transferred into parish ownership by the developers:

Briers Way (Crest Homes)

Briers Way 3 Council Land
Briers Way 4 Council Land

Howe Road (Wilcon Homes)

Howe Road Council Land

The Elms (RJH Construction)

The Elms Council Land

Photos of Sites Currently Owned

Pictures to follow ……….