Parish Council

Key Positions

The Parish Council has just recruited two new part-time members of staff in December 2021.  Until that time there were 4 staff employed who worked in different roles, totalling just 1.4 contracted FTE hours (e.g. if working full-time it would be less than one and a half members of staff).  In 2022 there are now 6 members of staff who work either in the Community Office, at Park Hall or outdoors on a number of open spaces owned by the Parish Council.  This now amounts to 2.09 contracted FTE hours (e.g. if working full-time this would be just over 2 members of staff).

Position Name
Parish Manager Cathy Tibbles
Administration Assistant Chloe Mabey
Park Hall Caretaker Kelvin Davenport
Park Hall Caretaker Fred Thornley