Following the improvements to the fire exit/footpath at Park Hall (pictures on our FB page), the Property Management and General Purposes Committee are now making improvements at our Green Lane/Hermitage Road open space and playground.  A tree survey on this site has recently been completed and some work is going to take place next week, following the advice of the experts.  We need to take off some deadwood and remove a snapped limb in the woodland area, remove lower branches on a field maple tree and sadly take out 3 fruit trees that are in a poor physiological state (and remove the stumps).  There is also a row of prunus trees that need reducing so that their future growth is enhanced.  Next year the council want to plant some new trees (both here and in other sites in the parish) and it will be exploring what type is best and where they should be grown.  We have some grant funding towards the new tree planting which is a great help.

Next month a new footpath is going to be installed so that people can more easily get from the play area to the exit at Green Lane.  That entrance will need to be closed for a few weeks so apologies for any inconvenience while we get this work done safely.

Some new inclusive play equipment is going to be installed here, with a small refresh of some of the current play items.  (Some improvements also to the play equipment at Holly Hayes Road at the same time and some extra surfacing put in at Hilary Crescent.)

As they say ……………. watch this space.