There is a new law that allows the parish council for the first time to meet over the internet and make decisions.  Like before, these meetings will be open to the public and this is how you can watch the meeting, using Zoom (free software).  The agenda is on our website (as usual –  then find the date to download the papers).  This is what it tells you:

“The public can join the meeting at:

Using the link above, you need to enter the Meeting ID which is 754 7262 2727 and then the password  –  1806202011 .  This will take you to the parish council meeting (being admitted to a ‘waiting room’ until the meeting is ready to start). 

Public participation is limited to the item for Public Questions only.  Time will also be limited for decision making so please help if you can by asking essential questions only.

If anyone is unable to access the internet then there may be phone numbers available to join the meeting (not yet tested so still working on this if you need phone access.)

NB –Park Hall remains CLOSED – this meeting is being held over the internet.